Test wiki for the Kirby Wiki Created specifically for testing CSS stylesheets and themes ONLY.

This is a testing site. No articles should be created here. Please direct all Kirby-related enquiries to the main site.
Please direct all queries and comments about the skin itself to my profile page on Kirby Wiki: Changtau2005 Talk Page

Current background is: version 21 (PatchLagoonV21)

The work on this site is to provide Kirby Wiki with an updated look that makes full use of all the empty space after Wikia migrated to the Oasis skin from Monobook, and make full use of background images instead of simple solid colors and gradients, and graduated transparency effects, subtle shadows and cloth-like feel in accordance to Kirby's vibrant world and the textile feel of Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Sidebar navigation on the old Monobook skin has been substituted by the tab-based portal system already currently in use. The biggest disadvantage of Oasis over Monobook now is the empty screen area, which this set of CSS modification attempts to maximize the use of.

  • Current background optimized for 1920x1080 widescreen but 4:3 screens with resolution >1280x960 considered
  • Background set not to scroll with contents
  • Foreground alpha value set at 87.5%
  • Simulated transparent wikia bar
  • Top header and Ad-Banner ribbon
  • Textured menu panels
  • Wikia modules and search box set at 75% alpha with 0%-75% over 20px side borders
  • Rounded, textured buttons, inactive, on-click, active state textures
  • Border tweaks
  • Box-shadow for header/footer/button subtle 3D cloth layering effect
  • CSS page
  • JS page
  • CSS backup / store
  • Monobook CSS page
  • Sidebar config


Screen captures are with personal CSS on the actual Kirby Wiki, which is identical to the site-wide CSS here. Main difference in IE8 is the absence of color in the boxes in quote corner (not skin-related), and square-ish buttons.

Google Chrome, New skin (V19) Google Chrome, Original skin (with no advert)
Chrome new skin Chrome original skin
IE8, New skin (V19) (with no advert) IE8, Original skin (with no advert)
IE8 new skin IE8 original skin


Ever wonder what happened after Kirby wakes up with his magical sock after the events in Kirby's Epic Yarn? Yeah, well... besides eating =P

"Patch Lagoon", inspired by the setting of Ice Cream Island - Evolution of a background.


The latest backgrounds have a blue band of largely-empty water at the bottom. This is because that area is not seen by browsers until users enter fullscreen mode, and is there to prevent an ugly white band of nothingness.

Meaning is often more important than looks. The background makes several references to lore / events in the previous games. See if you can spot them before reading on:

  • Kirby - Need we say anything else? He is the centerpiece of the background.
  • The Halberd - Meta Knight is always keeping an eye on things although he doesn't show himself
  • Tiff - Always looks out for Kirby, and loves nature too, so she's here and with Pitch for company.
  • Kine - (Mine from KDL3 is not here) Always tries to get as close to Tiff as possible
  • Adeleine - Doesn't need a canvas. Draws yarn butterflies out of the air (or looks at them if one prefers to look at it that way). Lololo/Lalala looking at one of her creations.
  • Ribbon - Flying in the direction of Kirby - A gesture to the real ending of K64.
  • Waddle Dee - The model here is the K64 model, so this is the good guy. About time he found a friend who doesn't talk, just like him.
  • Prince Fluff - It's Patch Land. Nobody gets to Patch Land without going through his end of the sock tunnel, so he's here.
  • Rick and Chuchu - They didn't get along well in KDL3, and Rick hit Chuchu. Now they're good with each other.
  • Dedede - His hammer is raised but it's only with one hand, so he's not attacking with it, more of like a salute. There's a green patch in front of him so one can take it as if he's hammering that square in K64 where he sends Kirby up into another level (This is an obscure one and unintended, but I noticed it nonetheless).
  • Did I make any references unintentionally and you noticed it but I didn't? Tell me on my talk page on Kirby Wikia!
Background Viewport alpha test area

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